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How an Ownership Mindset Helps Embarc Advisors Stand Out

By: Philip Alberstat – Managing Director

Have you ever sat down and had a conversation with a tried-and-true entrepreneur? Maybe you’re just that type? The bleed-for-their-business type that seems to match in grit, determination, and inspiration? This is the kind of business owner that has the fortitude to see their business through almost anything, the drive to push boundaries and innovate when everyone else is saying that it can’t be done. 

The true spirit of an entrepreneur is often what makes a business work–at least at first. It’s the glue that holds everyone together. At Embarc Advisors, we’ve embraced that type of “ownership mindset” as a philosophy, making each employee feel as connected to our outcomes as the company’s founder.

What is an Ownership Mindset?

An ownership mindset is a philosophy that guides our strategic and operational frameworks, enabling our advisory team to consistently act in the best interest of our founder/owner clients because each one of our team members acts as a founder/owner themselves. This approach allows us to step into the shoes of a business owner and make decisions from their perspective, profoundly influencing client satisfaction and the quality of our advisory services.

An ownership mindset fosters:

  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Innovation
  • Alignment
  • Strong Relationships
  • Foresight

Why it Makes a Difference:

We believe that building a culture based on an ownership mindset makes a fundamental difference in how we serve our clients. 

Enhanced Accountability and Responsibility

What’s the biggest thing holding you back from hiring an advisory team? According to a survey by Gartner, 84% of respondents indicated that third-party risk is a big consideration. The question is, how can you get the advice that you need without the risk? The answer is to look for a firm that prioritizes accountability and responsibility.

For example, an ownership mindset creates a deep-rooted sense of accountability that transcends ordinary standards. In other words, your advisory team doesn’t feel like a third party that’s on the outside, looking in. They assume the same level of responsibility as a true owner, leading to an exceptional quality of work, informed decision-making, and proactive problem-solving. 

At Embarc Advisors, we are committed to setting new benchmarks in the industry redefining what it means to deliver exceptional advisory services and we credit that capability to our ownership mindset approach.

Elevated Engagement and Motivation

As a founder/owner, you’re likely familiar that the line between business aspirations and personal triumphs is so faint it is barely detectable. When your business achieves a goal, you feel pride and gratitude. 

At Embarc Advisors, every one of our team members feels that same level of connection to our firm’s aspirations and triumphs. This intimate bond fuels unparalleled performance and unwavering dedication, driving us toward collective and individual excellence. 
There’s a difference between hiring a reputable firm and hiring a motivated firm. As a team fueled by a culture of ownership mindset, we’re motivated to go beyond textbook solutions to consider an approach tailored to fit our client’s needs and interests.

A Catalyst for Innovation and Creativity 

In a culture that centers on an ownership mindset, team members see themselves as integral parts of the firm rather than job-doers filling a role. We find that this distinction helps unleash creativity and foster groundbreaking ideas fueled by well-executed strategies that define our firm as an industry leader.

For example, when founder Jay Jung first launched Embarc Advisors, it looked a lot more like a traditional M&A advisory firm. However, we were also able to see unmet needs for startups and the middle market. As we worked on deals, we began to ask questions like “could we add more value for our client if we got involved earlier?” And “what would it look like if we offered financial planning and analysis or CFO advisory services?”

True Alignment

Alignment is important, both internally and externally. The real value in a team approach is in realized synergy between all of the available talent. With an ownership mindset culture, employees exist in harmonized alignment with the firm’s vision because each one has a personal stake in the growth and success of the firm.

By the very definition, this alignment creates high-performing teams capable of open, honest communication and accountability to achieve excellence. Additionally, these types of teams also feature:

  • Diversity
  • Adaptability
  • Engagement
  • Ability to Overcome Challenges
  • Healthy Conflict

In other words, a high-performing team connected through an ownership mindset culture is capable of extraordinary accomplishments simply because they can work together better.

Strong Client Relationships

We understand that our actions have a direct bearing on client satisfaction and loyalty. This insight shapes our approach to service, nurturing robust and enduring client relationships based on trust and unparalleled service.

When you work with a team built with an ownership mindset, you get more than professionalism. You get a personal connection because our team has been in your shoes before. We know where you are coming from and have a unique ability to understand your needs because we’re founders and owners too.

Foresight for Long-Term Growth

The best advisory isn’t limited to what you need right now; it provides a peek into your future based on credible foresight to fuel sustainable, long-term growth. This is the kind of advisory that comes second nature in an ownership mindset culture. 

This aspect comes from curated experience in:

  • Trend Analysis and Insight
  • Strategic Planning
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Execution

The Bottom: Line–Our Culture is What Makes Us Different

Our ownership mindset is the glue that binds our team, fortifying our firm’s culture with unity and collaborative spirit. It’s this ethos that makes Embarc Advisors more than just a workplace, but a harmonious collective with shared values and goals.

In nurturing an ownership mindset, Embarc Advisors is committed to cultivating a culture that thrives on accountability, ingenuity, and a deep alignment with our long-term vision. This philosophy is the heartbeat of our firm, ensuring we remain at the forefront of financial advisory excellence.

Are you ready to see how working with Embarc Advisors is different? Book some time with our team to learn more about how we work for our clients.

See the Difference that Embarc Advisors Can Make for Your Business

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